Why Choose Us

ACU Dental & Orthodontics is fully equipped with advanced technology available in the industry, allowing us to provide the dental care you deserve at our Dental Clinic in Metrotown Centre in Burnaby.

We earn your trust through these six promises:

1. We promise to provide Service Excellence and Convenience.

The Acu Dental team offer a VIP service experience at every visit and our practice is easily accessible within Metrotown Centre.

3. We promise to Transform Your Smile.

We know that a beautiful smile may boost confidence and help you feel empowered.

5. We promise to take a unique, Gentle Approach to dentistry.

We offer a warm, relaxing environment as well as Oral and IV sedation to put our fearful or nervous patients at ease.

2. We promise to be your family’s Emergency Dentist.

With extended hours and weekend appointments, we’ll get you out of pain fast and restore your smile to its original beauty.

4. We promise be your whole body Health Partners.

At Acu Dental we recognize that great Oral Health is essential to optimal overall health, thus we make your health our priority.

6. We promise to provide service for a Whole Spectrum of Patients, who make up Burnaby’s rich ethnic diversity.

Our team speak a variety of languages (Mandarin, Tahalik, Filipino, Hindi, Italian, Farsi), which facilitates communication within our diverse patient base.

Social Responsibility

At ACU Dental & Orthodontics in Burnaby, we strive to be actively involved with our community. We support local organizations and businesses. Our team is also focused on issues such as sustainability and health.

Our mission is to set an example for community health and educate our community about dental advancements and procedures that can improve their quality of life. We focus on providing sustainable treatment by utilizing digital technology for X-rays, record-keeping, and communication.

We look forward to seeing our community smile with healthy teeth and gums for a very long time!


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ACU Dental & Orthodontics Metrotown Centre

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