Although both dentists and orthodontists work to promote optimal oral health and ensure the wellbeing of all patients, they each have their own distinct roles in dentistry. To maintain excellent oral health, you will need to work with both dentists and orthodontists in Metrotown. In this blog post, our Acu Dental & Orthodontics team breaks down the differences between these two dental professionals.


Dentists vs. Orthodontics: What is the Difference?

To maintain good oral health, you will need to visit a dentist near you at least once every six months for professional dental cleanings or exams. Your dentist will ensure that you don’t have to deal with gum disease or tooth decay due to a buildup of plaque or tartar in your mouth. Additionally, they will look out for early signs of oral health conditions and treat them before they can progress and cause lasting damage. It is a good idea to have a trusted dentist that you can communicate all your oral health concerns to.

On the other hand, orthodontists near you are specially trained to deal with misaligned teeth and jaws. On top of attending dental school, orthodontists undergo an additional two to three years of training to be qualified to monitor and treat poorly positioned teeth and jaws. Most people should start seeing an orthodontist when they are still a child, so the orthodontist can monitor the development of their oral tissues and provide them with early treatment so they can enjoy optimal oral health for a lifetime.

Having straight teeth is about more than just looking beautiful. When teeth are crooked, or the jaw is misaligned, it can lead to serious health issues such as worn teeth, poor nutrition, headaches, jaw pain, and more. Those who have orthodontic issues are also more likely to develop tooth decay and gum disease later in life because they cannot properly clean their teeth.


When Does One Need an Orthodontist?

Although orthodontists have the same beginning degree as dentists, their additional time in school means they don’t offer the same routine cleanings and services as a dentist in Metrotown. Orthodontists focus on correcting concerns of the jaws and teeth that involve:

● Underbites
● Crossbites
● Overbites
● Misaligned teeth
● Gapped teeth

If your dentist notices that you have one of these problems or that your teeth are crooked or overcrowded during your routine checkups and cleanings, they may refer you to an orthodontist. While a dentist can do a lot for your oral health, dealing with the above issues is best left to orthodontists, who are experts in these areas. Some services that an orthodontist may provide include space maintainers, braces, Invisalign, and more.


Interested in Visiting an Orthodontist?

Even if you do not have misaligned teeth or jaws or do not believe you need to see an orthodontist, it is a good idea to book a consultation with one for a comprehensive oral exam. An orthodontist can ensure that your jaws and teeth are in good shape and provide you with any necessary treatments to maintain your oral health. If you would like to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team of dental professionals at Acu Dental & Orthodontics. We are happy to provide you with all the services you need to maintain a stunning and healthy smile for a lifetime.

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