Teeth whitening methods prove to be a sure-fire remedy to transforming your yellowish teeth into shiny white pearls everyone dreams of. There are all sorts of techniques and kinds of toothpaste available in the market to whiten one’s teeth.

However, to the ordinary man, all these sound the same, and they are typically unaware of the difference the various methods can bring. Pay close attention as a prominent dentist in Metrotown discusses the different ways of teeth whitening and their expected effectiveness.

What paves the way for teeth whitening. Some may lose color due to ageing, using cigars, excessive consumption of fast foods, and drinking too many beverages such as alcohol, coffee, tea, and wine without rinsing their mouths afterward. It is not long before such habits stain your teeth to the point where you will lose the white color, and your teeth may appear yellowish.

You will come across different teeth whitening options in Metrotown. What comes to mind is Philips Zoom teeth whitening, In-home whitening trays, Power teeth whitening, and laser teeth whitening. According to resources, the use of bleaching trays overnight under the guidance of a dentist near you is regarded as the best method to bring back the natural color of one’s teeth.

This process proves itself effective and can bring about positive results quickly. Studies have shown that with whitening trays overnight, visible change can be seen in just a few weeks.

Acu Dental & Orthodontic as experienced professionals will guide you through the various phases of teeth whitening. Furthermore, they will conduct tests for sensitivity to determine how much bleaching it can withstand without resulting in any side effects. They take this information and carry out a careful analysis before they present you with their selected tooth whitening tray, using the necessary concentration of hydrogen peroxide as a bleaching agent.

The process is very helpful in that it would not take too much of your time when visiting the dentist as you can do this at home during nighttime. Whitening your teeth will boost your confidence. So ensure you get an appointment at your earliest convenience to help you achieve a sparkling white smile.

Philip Zoom Teeth Whitening

Philips Zoom teeth whitening makes use of a bleaching process that reduces dentin and enamel discoloration. The cleaning process is activated by using a broad beam of UV light, thereby ensuring the gel moves deeper and removes the stains quickly.

In-home Teeth Whitening

In-home teeth whitening is especially effective for those of you who are always running out of time due to a host of commitments. The method involves using whitening trays specially designed to fit your teeth with whitening gel on them. The bleaching gel you find on the whitening tray uses carbamide peroxide for the cleaning process.

Power Whitening

This teeth whitening method is highly recommended for those who struggle with sensitive teeth. A mild bleaching method is being used to ensure the dentin and enamel are not affected. Using this method will avoid any tingling or irritations often experienced by those with sensitive teeth during another type of whitening process. What is more, you do not have to face any side effects.

Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening is seen as the best way for teeth whitening near you. It is a regular occurrence to see someone enter a dental clinic that offers state-of-the-art teeth whitening with a confused expression on their face. Soon they would reappear, smiling from ear to ear as they’re proudly showing off a whiter than white smile.

You can be assured that dentists in your area will provide you with the utmost care and consideration when it comes to delivering a superior teeth whitening treatment.

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